Do not worry about this, t is an internal process of checkout steps. Set your funnel as follows and it should work

First set up a Goal called “Order Process”
Goal type: URL destination
Match type: Regular Expression match
Goal URL: /order-confirmation\.php

(assuming the Prestashop installation is in the root of your domain, if not, i.e. say if it is in a folder called shop then goal URL would be /shop/order-confirmation\.php)

Then add 6 funnel steps and for the URL and Name enter:

Step 1 /product.php Product page
Step 2 /order/step0.html Cart view
Step 3 /authentication.php Authentication
Step 4 /order/step1.html Address
Step 5 /order/step2.html Shipping
Step 6 /order/step3.html Payment

(again these URLs assume your installation is in the root of the domain, if not change paths accordingly). Make sure Step 1 “Required URL” is not checked. You can also name the steps whatever you want

Make sure analytics module is installed and configured properly (GA console will report “receiving data”)

This is not ideal, but sufficient until Prestashop handles one page checkout v. standard checkout v. guest checkout v. URL redirection v. caching, in a consistent manner with regards to checkout process


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